Local history museum of Mary province

«National Turkmen clothes» at high school №25 of Mary city

On February, 20th, 2020 employees of Local history museum of Mary province have conducted a lesson of history of the theme «National Turkmen clothes» at high school №25 of Mary city. At the lesson specialists of the museum have told to children about the traditional Turkmen suit - the unique phenomenon of culture and the people life, characterizing its customs, an image and style of life. Turkmen skilled workers developed various silk fabrics: keteni, gyrmyzy donluk, sowsany, sary tagta. The keteni fabric of various shades - red, green, violet was most widespread and popular. Usual keteni fabric went on tailoring of traditional female dresses, the man's shirts, some kinds of female dressing gowns for a head covering - chyrpy and kurte. From the gyrmyzy donluk fabric sewed man's dressing gowns. Breed traditional man's and the lady's wear, successfully found in the ancient time, adjusted for a life and a climate, did not change centuries. From fabrics of red tones sew dresses for young girls and women; keteni of dark-violet color is usual use on dresses of the woman of advanced age. The collar and the vertical cut of the dress are decorated by embroidery. Female dressing gowns – yashyl chyrpy, sary chyrpy, ak chyrpy, yashyl kurte, gyzyl kurte and others are richly decorated by an embroidery. The edges of scarf gynach become covered by embroidery. Entirely become covered by an embroidery and headdresses tahya and boruk. The traditional men's wear also is embroidered, but the ornament on it is more modest and is simple. Ancient magic representations have been connected with silver at the Turkmen. They believed that it keeps cleanliness, deprives poisons of malicious force that the silver ring drives away evil ghosts. The semiprecious stone a cornelian, was considered by Turkmens, brings happiness and health, protects from danger. Probably, therefore silver and a cornelian – the most favorite materials for production of Turkmen ornaments. The presented ornaments are varied in form also to style of production. Forms of Turkmen ornaments are taken from the life, the world surrounding us.